Can-Am Variable Flow Direct Roller Glide Corner Finisher 2.5"

Can-Am Variable Flow Direct Roller Glide Corner Finisher 2.5"

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As the original inventor of the “flusher-style” corner finisher, CanAm has added yet another innovative feature to its world-famous corner tool. The Patent-Pending adjustable cover plate provides increased control for drywall finishers who use direct corner finishers with their Compound Tube. Simply slide the cover plate up to get a higher mud flow rate, and down for lower.

Here are some reasons why Professionals around the world choose CanAm Corner Finishers:

  • Smoothest Gliding - reduce effort and increase control with CanAm’s patented Roller Glide Runners, which eliminate “chatter” and enable the finisher to glide over protruding screws or wet tape on flats
  • Minimal Sanding - CanAm flushers help achieve a near-perfect finish, every time, with little to no sanding required
  • Premium, Durable Stainless Steel - specialty sourced and meticulously crafted to achieve just the right flex, finish, and maximum longevity
  • Hand Tuned Finish - we take precision to the next level. Every blade is inspected and calibrated multiple times before leaving our facility, so you get the same, amazing result, every time, all the time.
  • Ergonomic Design - hear the famous “CanAm Click” when used with a CanAm handle. Our innovative ball-and-socket design provides superior control in corners, access from any angle, and allows for quick and easy tool switching

Some advantages of using “flusher-style” corner finishers:

  • Cost Savings - flushers are 1/3 to 1/5 of the cost of other corner finishers or angle heads
  • True Troweling Action - CanAm flushers “wipe and feather” joint compound, similar to a hand trowel, creating a seamless transition from apex to feathering tip
  • Tape Friendly - CanAm flushers have a much lower risk of ripping or catching tape thanks to the Patented Roller Glide design and the flexible nature of the stainless blade
  • Remodel Friendly - flushers are very forgiving when angles are uneven or not a true 90°, as often is the case with poor framing or in renovations
  • Fewer Repairs and Less Down Time - protruding screws are much less likely to cause critical damage to flushers due to their “gliding” action
  • Quicker 3-Ways - flushers have the added benefit of going further into 3-ways than angle heads; many pros agree that the time spent picking 3-ways is drastically reduced
  • Better Fill - flushers provide a fuller glaze and reduce flashing, especially on the taping coat

Why use a corner finisher instead of hand taping?

  • 50%+ Time Reduction - hand taping only finishes one side of the corner at a time, and in standard practice, is left to dry before finishing the other side
  • Lower Learning Curve - while every tool takes practice, a corner finisher drastically reduces the time required to learn from hand finishing
  • Better Finish - a near-guaranteed better result than those new to hand taping

Pro Tip: embed your tape with an Insider Corner Roller to maximize the lifespan of your corner finishers