Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit

Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit
Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit
Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit
Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit

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SKU: P504-V1

The NyCor Hybrid+ Kit marries the best of CanAm’s 49-year history in drywall tools with the first-of-its-kind NyCor Finishers and FAST Adapter Technology.  This kit is built for professionals who want to do premium corner finishing at high efficiency and minimal investment.

CanAm has been proudly crafting tools in Canada since 1973 and we haven’t stopped innovating since.  The newest innovations in this kit include:

  • Easy Fill Compound Tube (42”) – wide opening nozzle allows for high flow rate in and out, easing the strain on your shoulder
  • Ultralight Roller – 32% lighter than our Heavy Duty Roller, and now featuring Removable End Caps, you can count on crisp, sharp angles, every time
  • Inside Corner Applicator – Time-tested design
  • NyCor Finishers (2.5”, 3”, & 3.5”) – sculpted in a uniform body, these patented nylon corner finishers stand alone in their class, providing the same world-class finish our customers have depended on for nearly 50 years, at a fraction of the cost
  • Easy Clean Extendable Handle (3’6” – 6’ Roller) – unmatched in the industry, the removable bushing allows you to disassemble, clean, and service your twist-lock handle
  • Flat Applicator – Time-tested design
  • NyCor FAST Adapter – a revolutionary quick-change system, reducing the need for multiple poles and increasing your efficiency and profitability.  Use the NyCor Finisher and Roller Handles to quickly change between rollers, finishers, and sanders.

AND, bonus 3WAY 5 Pack – a product we’re proud to endorse: consistent, quality 3-ways made easy.

Lastly, the tools come securely loaded in our Traveler Tool Case, featuring a lightweight polymer shell and all-purpose foam padding.


The Hybrid Kit includes 1 of each of the following tools:
  • (5) 3Way Inside Corners
  • A300 - 42" Applicator Tube (New Style)
  • C9100 - 2.5" NyCor Hi-Vis Green Corner Finisher
  • C9200 - 3.0" NyCor  Concrete Gray Corner Finisher
  • C9400 - 3.5" NyCor Electric Blue Corner Finisher
  • D500-V1 - Extendable Roller Handle - 3'6"-6' (New Style)
  • E100 - Inside Applicator
  • G200 - Flat Applicator
  • J400-V1 - Ultralight Inside Corner Roller
  • D9100 - NyCor Handle - 6" Finisher
  • D9200 - NyCor Handle - 4.5" Roller
  • H9100 - NyCor FAST Change Adapter
  • H9300 - NyCor Paint Roller Adapter
  • P500 - Traveler Tool Case - Green

14 Items Included