Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit with Bonus Items

Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit with Bonus Items
Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit with Bonus Items
Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit with Bonus Items
Can-Am NyCor Hybrid+ Kit with Bonus Items

Lou's Drywall Accessories

SKU: P504

Achieve world-class finish while maximizing efficiency and profitability!

The NyCor Hybrid Kit marries the best of CanAm’s 47-year history in drywall tools with the first-of-its-kind NyCor Finishers and FAST Adapter Technology.  This kit is built for professionals who want to do premium corner finishing at high efficiency and minimal investment.

NyCor Finishers emulate CanAm’s world-renowned corner finishing experience, including the following innovations:

  • Precision Feathering Tabs – Reproduces CanAm’s iconic trade secret for a best-in-class, dependable finish.
  • Springless Socket – Hear the famous CanAm *click* as the flusher is secured onto a handle or compound tube for standard or direct applications.
  • Wave Spring Technology – Patented design ensures just the right amount of stiffness across the entire finisher to create a uniform finish.

The NyCor FAST Adapter introduces a revolutionary quick-change system, reducing the need for multiple poles and increases your efficiency and profitability.  Use the NyCor Finisher and Roller Handles to quickly change between the following tools:

  • J401 - Inside Corner Roller (included)
  • Outside Corner Roller
  • C9100 - 2.5″ Finisher (included)
  • C9200 - 3″ Finisher (included)
  • Sander
  • Paint Roller
The LE Inside Corner Roller is CanAm’s lightweight roller that crisply embeds tape into a 90° corner, removing any air bubbles and extending the life of your corner finishers.


The Hybrid Kit includes 1 of each of the following tools:
  • A300 - 42" Applicator Tube (New Style)
  • C9100 - 2.5" NyCor Hi-Vis Green Corner Finisher
  • C9200 - 3.0" NyCor  Concrete Gray Corner Finisher
  • D500 - Extendable Roller Handle - 3'6"-6'
  • D9100 - NyCor Handle - 6" Finisher
  • D9200 - NyCor Handle - 4.5" Roller
  • E100 - Inside Corner Applicator
  • H9100 - NyCor FAST Adapter - Drywall Pole
  • J401 - Inside Corner Roller Light-Edition
  • P500 - Traveler Tool Case - Green


  • C9400 - 3.5" NyCor Electric Blue Corner Finisher
  • G200 - Flat Applicator
  • H9300 - NyCor Paint Roller Adapter
  • V103 - Can-Am FlexFit Hat (LIMITED TIME ONLY)