CAN-AM Professional Tool Set Semi Automatic With Tool Case

Lou's Drywall Accessories

SKU: P701-VI

The P701 CanAm Professional Taping Tool Set is the premium tool set for any taper. This versatile set features our best range of products to complete any taping and finishing job. Tools in this set help you finish flat joints, butt joints, and inside corners.

The Semi-Automatic Professional Tool Set, includes 1 of each of the following tools:

A300 – 42″ Applicator Tube
B100-RR – 2.5″ Standard Flusher
B200-RR – 3.0″ Standard Flusher
E100 – Inside Corner Applicator
F100- Bead Applicators, Outside Corner                                             K101- Outside Corner Roller

G200 – Flat Applicator
J200-VI – 4 Wheel Inside Corner Roller
D400-VI – 6′ Extendable Flusher Handle
D500-VI – 6′ Extendable Roller Handle
P700 – Hard Tool CaSE F100

K101-Outside corner bead roller