Can-Am GoldCor Inside Corner Applicator *Dual-Purpose*

Can-Am GoldCor Inside Corner Applicator *Dual-Purpose*

Lou's Drywall Accessories

SKU: E1200

CanAm is proud to introduce the new GoldCor Inside Corner Applicators. Bring your drywall game to the next level.


  • 2-Way Design - You never have to turn your applicator around again--move back and forth with one fluid motion
  • 4 Wheels - Glide effortlessly on the wall to maximize your speed and minimize resistance
  • Patented CoilSpring Retainers - Engineered to eliminate the mess and control the flow for an easy finish
  • Adaptable Slot - contoured to the corner, the Dual-Purpose Applicator fills gaps on your taping coat and limits flow on finishing coats