Lou's Drywall Accessories

The name you trust since 1984


Lou's Drywall Accessories the name you trust for 29 years

History / About us

Lou Stanich founded the Canadian company Lou's Drywall Accessories in 1984 in a small industrial unit on Hanlan Rd. The company quickly outgrew its small space and within a few years moved to 91 Romina Road, where LDA enjoyed great success for over 25 years.

From near and far tapers came to purchase drywall tools.  Customers were greeted by Lou, and he would do whatever it took to satisfy his growing customer base. Lou himself had experienced his share of hard times, and therefore extended his generosity to those starting out in the industry by offering free tools and/or discounts to those in need.

Impeccable customer service, reliability and a large variety of products were key components that gave LDA its rise to success

Lou was a visionary who saw the need for specialty drywall tools, and combined that with a customer-oriented environment. He was from the 'old school of thought'...a handshake was his word. Sadly, Lou passed away in 2007.

Denise Stanich-Land, Lou's daughter, wanted to continue her father's legacy.  A relentless work ethic, and a desire to help others are family values that were instilled in Denise over the years. Moving with the times, Denise has taken LDA to the next level by offering the convenience of online shopping.